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The pultruded profiles are high quality products, manufactured by a continuous process called pultrusion.

Pultrusion is a continuous manufactory process of fiber reinforced plastics. Involves the fiber incorporation, such as glassfiber, carbon fiber, aramid fiber (KevlarÒ) or natural fibers, on a set of high quality resins, being the polyester of general use, but depending on the application may be used vinilester, acrylic or epoxy resins.

In this process the fibers are dragged thru a resin bath and guided to a warmed spinner. This spinner has the geometry of the profile to produce.

The polymerization of the composite fiber / resin occurs inside the spinner. A traction system pulls the profile till a saw to cut the profile with the desired length. The content of the fiber may vary between 40% and 80%, depending on the profile application.

Engineers, architects and designers are constantly looking for ways to improve their products. The material selection is the critical part of this process. The pultruded composites have multiple advantages over the majority of the traditional materials, such as steel, aluminum and wood, and its search is rising.


 The pultruded profiles stand out for:


·          Maintenance free

·          Excellent resistance to corrosion

·          Lightness: around 4 times lighter than steel and 2/3 than aluminum

·          High relation resistance / weight

·          Excellent electric, thermal and magnetic isolation

·          Dimensional  stability which translates into a low thermal dilatation coefficient and resistance to intense heat or cold

·          Color, its added pigments to obtain the desired color. The matrix is entirely the same color, which allows the camouflage of the scratches

·           Easy handling. These materials are easily cut, drilled, glued, riveted or screwed using conventional equipments

·          Excellent behavior to fatigue and fluency

·          Transparent to radio frequency transmissions

·          Large variety of possible sections, which allows design freedom and property choice as resistance, weight, color and flexibility

·          Reproducibility in the manufactory process, the length of the profiles is only limited by the transportation. Small section profiles may be rolled up

·          Good mechanical vibrations absorber


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