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    The pultruded profile ladders are characterized by its chemical resistance and absence of maintenance. These may be attached or removable. The attached vertical ladders are applied in the chemical industry, sanitation, water treatment stations, etc.

     Its innocuousness in contact with water, allows its use in human water-supply systems. The attached vertical ladders may be supplied with back protection when necessary.

     The back protection, also made of the same materials may have superior, frontal or side, right or left exit.

      In what concerns the superior exit ladder, both ladder and back protection go till the superior top of the ladder. In these, the way out has no support to help the exit.

      In frontal exit ladders, is added a segment without steps above the level of the ladders to provide support to the superior exit and entrance of the ladder. In this case there’s two supporting plummets. In these ladders the back protection goes till the supporting plummets height.

     In side exit ladders, the ladder is longer; enough to allow the support on lateral exit and the back protection that goes till the ladder limit and is interrupted on the exit side.

     It may be assembled resting intermedium landings with pultruded profiles and GRP grating or safety floor.

     The pultruded profile removable ladders main application is the electrical industry. Theirs electrical isolation is ensured by the pultruded profile plummets, the steps may be aluminum or pultruded profiles.


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