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Pultruded Profiles
Hand Rails
The pultruded profile handrails are applied in industrial, commercial and domestic structures. Their high resistance to corrosion allied to its low weight is the main characteristic. These handrails may be applied with monochromatic or polychromatic coloration.
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The pultruded profile stairs are characterized by its resistance to corrosion, lightness and easy assembly. These stairs are pre-manufactured and applied without heavy elevation means.
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Vertical Ladders
    The pultruded profile ladders are characterized by its chemical resistance and absence of maintenance. These may be attached or removable. The attached vertical ladders are applied in the chemical industry, sanitation, water treatment stations, etc.
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   The GRP (glassfiber reinforced plastics) Walkways are made of pultruded profiles and its floor of GRP grating or safety floor. These Walkways are the ideal choice to places with corrosion problems.
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Just like the traditional material structures, the pultruded structures cam support large cargos.    Its lightness and absence of maintenance, even in chemically aggressive environments are important factors when choosing these materials.
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