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The ALTO Perfis Pultrudidos, Lda society, was formed on the 27th of December 1995. The company activity was started on the 1st of March 1996, with the concept of "spin-off" on INEGI, dedicated to the production of pultruded profiles. In addition to the production of pultruded profiles, in 1997 the ALTO Perfis Pultrudidos, Lda launched the production of pieces of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) by the process of manual moulding, manufacturing parts up to 5 m2.

In 1999, in addition to the activity of production of GRP parts and profiles, it also started to assembly, particularly in in civil construction area, WTP´s and WWTP´s, etc., in which it is essential that all specifications are complied with and technical characteristics of the project. Thus, ALTO Perfis Pultrudidos, Lda, starts to develop the equipment assembly in order to ensure the quality of the final product. This option made it possible to triple the volume of sales and market other products.

In the year 2000 was acquired an equipment for the production of moulded parts by the LRTM process (Light Resin Transfer Moulding). It was with the manufacture of parts thru this process ALTO Perfis Pultrudidos, Lda Profiles provided about 50% of the external panels of the compositions of Metro do Porto. As a result, it was necessary to enlarge the space (to about 400 m2), in order to increase productive capacity and thus respond more effectively to requests from customers.

 In 2002 there was a raise and redenomination of the capital to €26,000.00. Also this year was obtained the Construction Licence, required by law, for the Assembly of lumberjacks in pultruded profiles in civil works and public works.            

The pursuit of quality improvement leads the company to begin the process of certification in 2003. In this way the ALTO Perfis Pultrudidos, Lda meets the needs of customers and in the differentiation of competition for quality. This target was completed in 2006. Growth leads ALTO Perfis Pultrudidos, Lda to increase the manufacturing area and in early 2005 ALTO Perfis Pultrudidos, Lda changes facilities to a space with about 700 m2 and is on this space that ALTO Perfis Pultrudidos, Lda finishes it’s process of "spin-off" with the acquisition in 2006 of its first pultrusion machine.

            Towards the increasing demand for its products, ALTO Perfis Pultrudidos, Lda had once again the need to increase its production capacity and to improve some areas of key competitiveness of enterprise: organisation and management, quality, and health and safety at work. It was in this sense that at the beginning of 2010 ALTO Perfis Pultrudidos, Lda has changed. The current facilities with about 4,300 m2 allowed the growth of production and better organization.

            In 2010 ALTO started the manufacture of parts for the automotive sector, in particular for ISUZU Motors. The new facilities made it possible to meet the requirements for the production of parts for the automotive sector.

              The stakes in the manufacture of moulded parts and the need to manufacture models for manufacture of moulds required an investment in the purchase of a 6-axis robot CAM software.  In the year 2012, in order of the need to make more parts for the automotive sector, including the manufacture of outer body of an electric car ALTO makes a new investment in CAD/CAM area and adds a rotating shaft to the robot and acquires a CNC milling machine with table of 2 m wide and 3 m long and with work height up to 300 mm. Also this year the investment is made in a machine of injection of polyurethane foam in order to inject polyurethane preforms for the EM process and replace the collage of various parts of a piece by the manufacture of a piece at once.  The growing needs of price reductions lead ALTO to invest in a resin-projection equipment with fibre. This equipment allows producing more with cheaper raw materials.

        After a troubled period due to disagreements between management, on the direction of the company, one of the managers decides to leave the ALTO Perfis. So, in June 2017 occurs a change of management in which, Eng. º Tomé Santos assumes the company entirely. In this new phase, we bet on continuity of the company, keeping the team of employees, suppliers and customers; and also our policy of quality and strong component of research and innovation that have always characterized us. Our main goal is the profit of all available resources; using high technology and strong know-how to increase turnover.


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